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Whether you're an Academic Institution, an International Job Board, or a Professional Association looking to bring added-value to your members, we're here to scale with you.

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We're proud to bring lasting value to all of our strategic partners, regardless of vertical, scope, scale, or niche.

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The Talent Inc. Advantage Talent Inc. Benefits

The Talent Inc. writer network consists of over 500 trained resume & CV writers that work one-on-one with customers. Our career correspondence is custom tailored, specific to industry, and keyword optimized to guarantee more job interviews in 60 days.

Co-branded or White Label Talent Inc. Benefits

Partnering with Talent Inc. brings positive and nearly immediate added-value to your brand. Our platform can be co-branded or white labeled to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology.

An Immediate Turnkey Platform Talent Inc. Benefits

Our technology is simple and flexible. Integration into our platform can come in the form of an API, a hosted widget, a custom landing page, or a private label integrated experience.

We're Global Talent Inc. Benefits

We have successfully expanded to over 97 countries, in 4 continents. We haven't figured out Antarctica yet... though when they're ready, we'll be there. From cover letters to LinkedIn profiles, we're on top of the game when it comes to every form of career branding.

Low Friction, High Value Talent Inc. Benefits

Talent Inc. is the featured resume & CV partner to more than 150 job boards globally. We're successful because of low-friction, high-value partnerships that can scale indefinitely.

The Best Tools For the Job Talent Inc. Benefits

We're platform agnostic! We offer easy API integrations with examples for multiple technologies, and dashboards to monitor results. A Talent Inc. partnership is a guaranteed value add, regardless of your technological slant.

We have helped more than 150,000 professionals, from every industry, at every experience level, from around the world.

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